One day I was walking at the mall and I saw a sign that said dance fitness!  I was so happy because I like dancing and moreover I hate the gym.  I joined Synergy and I have no regrets.  I was 181 lbs and am now down to 145 lbs.  I dropped two dress sizes!  Physically and mentally I also feel more healthy and strong.  The instructors are great and friendly.  We dance to different types of music such as hip hop, salsa, reggae, and many more.  I enjoy every moment of class.  Thank you, instructors. 


I absolutely LOVE synergy! It is such a fun workout and burns so many calories! I hate the gym and this is the first workout I've ever looked forward to! The people are wonderful, so warm and inviting. You really get addicted to going back. I've successfully lost 25 pounds and feel so much better about myself.


I first met Manuel a long time ago at a gym in Gaithersburg. I took his class as a beginner Zumba student and immediately connected with his style, enthusiasm, and love for dancing. I was hooked! I really enjoyed his teaching style, so I followed him to his other places of work as the months and years went by. He partnered up with Joy and I started going to her classes too and became hooked again! I started a weight loss journey a couple years ago and attended so many of their classes: Zumba, Pound, Insanity, and Zumba Toning to reach my goal. With their help, I lost a total of 60 pounds! Not only are they teachers, they are friends too. They truly care about you. They are so dedicated and hard-working. Manuel and Joy truly make working out an experience!


I started out taking Joy and Manuel's dance fitness classes at Gold's Gym in Rockville years ago. This wasn't your typical aerobics dance class. The choreography has always been challenging and the music selection interesting. Over the years I have lost about 20 pounds dancing with them and have reacquainted myself to my love of dance. Unlike other forms of exercise, I am always motivated to come to Synergy to dance. It is the best hour of sweat ever!!!
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